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FormFlat - Flush Panel Soffit & Siding

Smooth Surface/No Reveal


Smooth Surface w/ Perforations


2 Installed Panels w/ Smooth Surface & No Reveal


Our FormFlat flush panel may be the most versatile panel we offer. With the ability to form with different reveals and a perforation option, the FormFlat panel can assume many different appearances and functions.

For soffit applications the panel is installed face down over framing and can be fabricated with a perforated strip when soffit venting is desired.

For siding applications the panels may be installed either vertically or horizontally over framing or solid substrates (steel, block, or wood).

For an exciting optional look, a reveal up to 3" wide can added to greatly alter the appearance. A reveal is often desired on large siding installations where a more broken appearance is desired.

All panels are installed with pancake head fasteners along the hidden flange. The result is a neat, clean, secure, fastener free appearance.

As with all of our panels, only the highest quality Kynar/Hylar/Flouropon factory baked on paint finishes or Galvalume surfaces are used in a wide variety of standard colors.

28 ga. to 22 ga. Galvalume®

    ✔️  .032 Aluminum

Surface Profile:   
    ✔️  Striated

    ✔️  Perforated
    ✔️  Smooth

    ✔️  35 Yr. Painted
✔️   25 yr. Unpainted

3 Installed Panels w/ 3" Reveal

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