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Per Florida Building Codes - Any roof system (no matter what type - Metal, Shingles, Tile, etc.) must be analyzed and approved by a certified engineered and approved by the State prior to being eligible for sale. Dade & Broward counties require a separate, often more rigorous NOA (Notice of Approval) that may also be used throughout the rest of Florida in lieu of an "Approval". This engineering ensures that each system is has been proven to meet or exceed the rigorous wind uplift requirements necessary for where your home or facility is located. Whatever system you choose, always ensure you and your contractor have chosen the correct system, materials, and installation for your location. For any assistance, contact FormTight for any assistance you may need.

Approvals/NOA's may be obtained by either the Fabricator (FormTight) or the material supplier (Our Suppliers). 


FormTight has acquired several NOA's for the most common roof system types as follows:

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